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weR Gold
Support your favorite student project by making a gift on 2Rπ Day!

weR Gold is a unique program that allows student-run organizations to raise dollars for special projects and/or initiatives that will help their organization advance. These include academic and professional, campus programming, club sports, Greek Life, hobby and special interest, media, multicultural, recreation and fitness, religious, service, professional and volunteerism, student government, visual and performing arts, as well as honor societies. 

This year's projects include:

Engineers for a Sustainable World
Engineers Without Borders
National Organization of Minority Architecture Students
Rensselaer Crew Club
Rensselaer Formula Hybrid
Rensselaer Motorsport
Rensselaer Outing Club
Rensselaer Rocket Society
Rensselaer Student Auto Shop
RPI Design Build Fly
RPI Engineering Ambassadors
SASE Rensselaer
TeamRPI eSports
The Rensselyrics
WRPI Radio

For more information, visit the weR Gold website.

Turn Your State or Country RPi Red by Making a Gift!
Rank State Gifts
1 NY 5
2 CO 4
3 DC 1
Digits of Pi Challenge
If we reach 314 gifts, $25,000 will be unlocked for the Rensselaer Annual Fund (area of greatest need), thanks to an anonymous challenger.
314 / 314 Gifts
Lou Bellardo ’67 Power Half Hour
If 31 donors make a gift between 11 and 11:31 a.m. EDT, $3,100 will be unlocked for the Annual Fund, courtesy of Annual Giving Leadership Council member and Pi Day enthusiast Lou Bellardo ’67!
31 / 31 Gifts
Nick Pinchuk ’68 “Double Your Impact” Donor Challenge
If we reach our goal of 628 gifts total, $25,000 will be unlocked for the area of greatest need, thanks to longtime giving day donor Nick Pinchuk ’68.
628 / 628 Gifts
Who supports 2Rπ Day?
Check back throughout the day to see which group has the most 2Rπ Day donors!
Please choose your affiliation(s) with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumnus or Alumna 592
2 Parent of a Current Student 47
3 Parent of a Former Student 43
4 Faculty or Staff Member 32
5 Friend 22
6 Current Student 20
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